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Browse or more than 50 flavors that bring a sample of the immense Brazilian agrobiodiversity mixed and matched with techniques and influences from all over the world.

Jams, mermelades, chutneys and preserves that will spread good vibes from breakfast til your dinner dessert.


Our Masterpiece

The more than 40 jam flavors can be assembled in gift sets containing 4 jars of 40 g each. They tell stories and reflect the diverse uses of jams. Some suggestions:

  • Brazilian Fruits: Cupuazu with Brazil Nuts, Jabuticaba, Pitanga, Umbu

  • Brazilian Chilies: Biquinho, Cumari, Murupi, Malagueta

  • With Alcoholic Beverages: Strawberry with Cocoa and Red Wine, Apricot with Almonds and Cointreau, McIntosh Apples with Gin and Spices, Coffee with Figs and Cognac, Cranberry with Whisky

  • Best Cheese Pairings: Habanero with Mango, Chipotle with Fig, Apricot with Almonds and Cointreau, Red Berries

  • No Added Sugar: Blackberry, Apricot with Orange, Mango with Chia, Strawberry with Apple and Cinnaon

  • Charcuterie Pairings: Tamarind with Cardamon, Onion with Wine and Rosemary, Smoked Ají with Plums, Bhut Jolokia with Guava

  • For Cocktail Making: Ginger with Pineapple, Tamarind with Cardamom, Strawberry, Mango with Passion Fruit

Let's Talk About Business?

We're ready to provide any further information you need, as well as to send a quotation of our products to your country.

Minimum order is half a pallet, to be shipped by air, maritime or land modals. Please inform your data and our international commerce team will contact you soon. 

Thank you for your interest!

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