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Welcome to Deli Chat, a Brazilian company founded in 2017 that produces spreads and preserves. Small colorful batches are cooked according to the best manufacturing practices. We are currently present in most of the country and plan to spread internationally from 2024.  Be our partner.

What we believe in

Regardless of of your food choices, it is common sense that a naturally colored meal is a synonym of good health. This is what we propose ourselves to: produce food that with their diversity of natural colors, contribute for a healthier and - why not? - happier lifestyle. Spread this vibe!


What do we do?

Browse our colorful collection of jams, chutneys, sauces and preserves and be surprised with their diversity of ingredients, techniques and applications. More than 50 flavors are available in individual and family-sized jars. 

Our products are:

Gluten free - Vegan

GMO free - No trans fats

No preservatives - No additives

No colorants - No flavorants

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