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Deli Chat Launches Jam Copacking Project with Oxe É de Minas

Collection of 8 cheese pairing jams is launched in Bahia

Land of superb culture and religiosity, the state of Bahia in Northeastern Brazil is a place where colors abound - from the ribbons natives tie in the wrist of visitors just upon arrival sharing the blessings of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim to the brilliant shades of natural colors in local markets of fruits, spices and handicrafts.

Not a surprise at all that Deli Chat jams, with their variety of colors and good vibes have found in Bahia their biggest market out of the state of origin of the company, Minas Gerais. “Bahia and Deli Chat speak the same language - a language of colors, flavors, aromas, and happiness”, states Regina Sugayama, founder of Deli Chat. “It was 2019 when we started our operations in Bahia, being Oxe É de Minas our first partner in the state”, says Regina.

Oxe É de Minas is a specialty food store established in the traditional cozy market in the bohemian hood of Rio Vermelho in Salvador. Artisan cheese mostly made from raw milk cheese from Minas Gerais is the main product of the store. Notwithstanding, Frederico Teixeira and Tatiana Lopes, founders of Oxe, understand that products that enhance the customer experience do have their place. “We came across with Deli Chat during an event in Minas Gerais and were surprised with the astonishing combinations their jams make with artisan cheese”, says Frederico.

In fact, jams and cheese are meant to be together, as the former adds sweetness, spiciness and texture. Davi Coutinho, co-founder of Deli Chat, highlights that spicy jams are the star of the house. “We currently produce 24 jam flavors, 12 of which use chilies and other spices. Not surprisingly they are always among our best sellers”, says Davi. Another point that adds to the success of Deli Chat jams among cheese connoisseurs is the size of jars. “We sell 9.2 Oz jars which make an excellent option for everyday family meals… but what we do sell are the 1.4 Oz minijars cause foodies love the idea of making the most of their experiences and would easily buy three small jars to offer guests in a happy hour”, remarks Davi.

“We have the best cheeses and they have an amazing collection of jam flavors. Then why not offer these flavors under our brand?”, evaluates Frederico. “Along more than one year we established a trust relationship from both sides, where we know Deli Chat will be able to supply or demand for high quality cheese pairing jams that enchants our customers”, adds Frederico.

To celebrate the success of the partnership, Deli Chat and Oxe É de Minas launched in December 2020 a co-packing project consisting of a collection of eight cheese pairing jams. The visual reference for label design could be no other than the colorful wrist ribbons tied in honor of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, so as to spread the good vibes from Minas Gerais with an accent from Bahia.

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